The Sierra de Montánchez.


The Sierra de Montánchez enables visitors to discover beautiful natural areas and practice different sports such as hiking, horse riding and biking routes and paragliding, among others. There are also countless leisure and nature activities on offer, such as mushroom or chestnut picking, birdwatching and observing other types of animals.

The landscape of the Sierra de Montánchez is characterised by oak, chestnut and cork oak forests, combined with crops such as vines, olive trees and fig trees. Furthermore, due to its altitude, the highest point of the mountain range reaches 998 metres, where we can observe and enjoy a beautiful and extensive view of the region of Montánchez and the surrounding areas.

The source.

On this route we can enjoy an oak forest and grapevine as well as bush areas, vineyards and olive groves until reaching the source of the stream of Los Molinos, where there are more than 30 flour mills that take advantage of the force of the water to grind the grains. Shortly after the final mill, the path continues to the north. Upon ascending the peak of Montánchez (998 metres above sea level) there are spectacular views.

Distance 8 km. Circular route. Medium difficulty.

The chestnut grove.

The chestnut grove of Montánchez is of extreme importance from a human and environmental perspective. This chestnut grove no longer fulfils the same function as it did several decades ago as a source of wood. Nevertheless, this natural monument is still every bit as charming. If we stroll through this forest we will find old huts and terraces, etc. But, above all, we will enjoy the sensation of experiencing nature in its purest form.

Distance 2 km. Circular route. Low difficulty.

The oak grove.

On this route we will enjoy a combination of flour mills and huge century-old oak trees. We will also discover the source of the River Salor.

Distance 10 km. Circular route. Medium difficulty.

The cattle trail.

A complete route which allows us to enjoy the whole variety of landscapes that the Sierra de Montánchez has to offer: cobbled paths that wind up and down the mountainside, along with a large number of fountains and streams, making this route truly exceptional.

Distance 15 km. Circular route. Moderate difficulty.

The mills.

This route allows us to enjoy around thirty old flour mills, the oldest dating back to the Roman era and the most modern from the 14th Century. These mills, located between the villages of Montánchez and Arroyomolinos, have been declared a Site of Cultural Interest in the category of Place of Ethnological Interest..

Distance 16 km. Circular route. Medium to high difficulty.

The basins.

On this route we will pass through olive and cork oak groves, as well as several fountains where the water flows through their basins. There are stunning views throughout the route.

Distance 8 km. Circular route. Medium difficulty.

Water or bartering route.

This route emerged to commemorate an event that took place in the 18th Century, when the villages of Montánchez and Torre de Santa María decided to reach an agreement in which Montánchez, whose church had a wide range of art, gave the neighbouring village the statue of Saint Matthew. It was given in exchange for an animal, in this case, a pig. The path taken by the men and women of Montánchez to carry out the exchange has led to a route that is today known as “The Bartering Route”.

Distance 12 km. Circular route. Medium difficulty.