Montánchez The balcony of Extremadura.


Visitors will soak up its cultural heritage, not to mention the taste of its famous cured ham with the Dehesa de Extremadura Designation of Origin. The Cáceres municipality of Montánchez has Roman, Goth and Muslim remains.

The castle.


Without a doubt, the most important site in Montánchez is its castle (and the views that this stronghold boasts). This fortress, of Roman origin, was rebuilt by the Almohads in the 11th Century. During the 15th and 16th Centuries the castle was transformed into a residence for the commanders of the Order of Santiago.



It is a must to look over the Sierra de Montánchez, known as the balcony of Extremadura (thanks to its privileged location in the geographical centre of the region) and to regard the walls surrounding this awe-inspiring area, where its cisterns, wine cellars, keep and a 17th Century hermitage can be visited.



Montánchez also offers a pleasant route through the municipality’s surrounding areas, with vineyards, olive groves and gardens. To round off your trip to the village it is a must to visit at sunset, while the sun is hidden behind the castle and outlines the silhouette of this fortress.


From prehistoric times to the 21st Century

The foundation of the village of Montánchez has always been attributed to the Romans. However, the discovery of certain prehistoric objects (probably of Vettone origin) gives us an idea as to the antiquity of the municipality, where the Romans, Muslims and Templars have all left their mark.


Historical wealth

The combination of heritage and food and agricultural products make Montánchez a unique municipality. Hermitages such as that of San Blas and that of Nuestra Señora de la Consolación (the latter located inside its famous castle) are sites of considerable interest in a village which has much more to offer than its fortress. Namely, its bullring, which deserves a special mention due to its unique rectangular shape and its beautiful cemetery, at the foothills of the castle, named as Spain’s best graveyard in 2015.

Culture and Festivals.

Village festivals: devotion and dedication

Montánchez has always been a socially aware and united village. For example, the municipality’s hermitages are extremely well preserved thanks to the dedication and commitment of its devout residents. In the same way, the people of Montánchez are devoted to their patron saint festivals. The popular «Encuentros en Montánchez» (Encounters in Montánchez) festival takes place ahead of the area’s most important festival, celebrated in September in honour of the village’s patron saint: Our Lady of Consolation of the Castle.


Montánchez: long-established tradition in cured ham

Montánchez is a benchmark for acorn-fed Iberian ham in the province of Cáceres. Montánchez has one of the best ranges of products in Spain (of which the raw materials originate from Cáceres) due to its cured meats which can be found and/or tried in restaurants, drying sheds and specialist stores. Even Charles V was a huge fan of one of Extremadura’s best-loved flavours.